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ProtonMail is an online email service that has a lot going for it. It’s secure so your email can’t be intercepted or monitored by third parties, and it also offers end-to-end encryption for messages. This Article Has 10 ProtonMail Tips And Tricks You Should Know!

10 ProtonMail Tips and Tricks

10 ProtonMail Tips and Tricks

Pinning Messages to the Top of Your Inbox: When you have an important message but it’s buried deep in your inbox and you need quick access to it, use this ProtonMail feature. You can pin a conversation so that the more recent email is always at the top, no matter how many emails are exchanged in between.

Create folders to organize your inbox: If you have a lot of email and need an easier way to find what you’re looking for, use the folders feature. Create separate sections or labels so that you can view specific messages without having to scroll through all of your email first.

Sending encrypted messages to yourself: If you have an important message that needs to be viewed on another device, send the email in an encrypted format. It will be more difficult for others to read your email as it will be unreadable if they don’t have the know-how.

Set up verification in  two steps: This prevents someone from logging into your account without your password. This includes the ProtonMail team in case you’ve forgotten or lost it! For more information on two-step verification, visit

Use a passcode to protect your messages: you can enter a password for the app and it will ask you for it before logging in. This is another layer of protection that keeps your account, as well as valuable information, safe.

Share your ProtonMail with others: If you work in a business or organization and need to share an email address to receive messages, use the Shared Account feature. This will allow others to read your email but not be able to log in. You still have full control over who has access.

Set up an automatic email reply: If you don’t want to receive notifications for every new message, use ProtonMail’s automatic reply feature. You can set this as the default and when someone sends a message it will be automatically returned as a reply.

Set up a custom signature: This is a great way to differentiate your email from anyone else’s. You can add some of your contact information or even include links to other places on the internet that you are active so that people are more likely to get back to you!

Bulk replies to messages: If you want to send a lot of emails, use the bulk replies feature. That way, you can enter multiple answers at once and then just click a button when you’re done!

Download your email data: if you want to download the messages to a computer or external hard drive, use this function! This can be useful when you switch devices and want to have all of your old email with you.


This post is for the ProtonMail users out there as well as those who are thinking of giving it a try. This article provides a list of tips and tricks that will improve your experience with ProtonMail in terms of using the service and using it safely.

bookmark_borderWhat Happened to Google+? | Detailed Information about Google Plus

Google plus is one of the main services provided by the Google account login. It is pronounced as (Google+), can be written as Google Plus, can also be written as G+. It is a social networking site that is owned and operated by Google. This network was launched on 28 June 2011. Google+ keeps social networking, linking other Google services like Google Drive, Bloggers, YouTube,

Key Features and Functions of Google+

  • The user profile is a timmail visible account that was attached to Google properties. It has basic services like profile photos, cover photos.
  • Stream: The main part of the page, users can see all the updates of circle and posts in groups they had joined. You can use the filter feature to make sure which circle posts you wish to see.
  • Circle: It is a kind of important feature of Google+ on the social platform. Users can access the people in groups or lists for sharing from various Google services. Once a circle is formed Google+ can share private content only to that circle.
  • Identity services: Profiles were used as the background accounts for many Google services like Google Maps, Google Play, Google Music, and so on.
  • Privacy: Should not disclose your personal information in the circle. Always disclose the information which people are willing to hear from you.
  • +1 button: Allows people to see sites and photos with a link button like on Facebook.
  • Google+ page: Started on November 7, 2011for all users. It allows a group of people or individuals to start up the page set up their profile and start posting. Just similar to Facebook.
  • Communities: Gives authority to users to connect the crowd and create live session conversations about particular subjects.
  • Google local: Google+ has many features inside a function or outside profile.
  • Photography: Photos of Google photos are connected to the Google account. As well as when a new photo is uploaded in a circle the people who are added in that circle will only get to see those pictures.

What happened to Google+

Due to less usage and disclosed software design. The shutting down of Google+ for personal accounts was on 2 April 2019. From here all the photos, videos, clips are deleted from Google+ accounts. Except for the backup of those same photos, videos, clips, or any other document. It might take a few times in processing the data deletion from the user’s accounts.

The new version of Google+

Officially for all the consumer’s Google+ is dead, but still alive for enterprise users. After a few days of shutting down Google+, they announced the public version of Google+. They decided to start an enterprise version of Google+. It is now called Current. Google also offered one of the services earlier of a similar name. That was about the social magazine which was later known as Google Play Newsstand. By clearly the fact that the consumer version is shut now and the only enterprise version is in use will clear all other doubts of the users. And this will not make them confused about Google+ is still in use or not.